Monday, May 12, 2014

Insulted? Do not insulting back.

Insulting other people doesn't make us better than those people.
When people insulting you, they show you how your life can distract their life. Everything that you do will always atract their attention.
They show you that your life is more exciting. Being the same person with them is the wrong choice. Surely you shall think twice if you insulting back.
Do not pay attention. Just let it go.
Let what they were talking about you will be their own fuel. Just face your life, and do not insulting back.
I just remember one of hadits :
If there are people who berate you about what they knew about you, do not berate him about what you know about them.
So, please stay positive and doing good deeds. None of those people can judge you. You are is what you do, not what people think. 

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