Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lotte Shopping Avenue

Lotte Shopping Avenue (LOVE) is located at Jalan Prof Dr.Satrio Kavling 3-5, Jakarta Selatan. It is near Kuningan City, Mall Ambasador and ITC Kuningan. First time I visited there with my narsis partner, Avi. The first impression that I have seen is really KOREAN LOOK! Yeah, because this mall was founded by the company in Korea. No wonder there's a lot of Korean things. Many things related to Korean like boyband and girlband. There's also Super Junior hand print lho! For those who's big fan of Suju must see this! I plan to tell Bebeb Ingga to visit this mall sih. She is a big fan of super Junior especialy Sung Min. *roll depan jungkir balik*

Because of our purpose is just only taking a pictures and eating, so we couldn't explore that much. The conditions when in October 2013, Lotte Shopping Avenue was still pretty lowoooong alias sepi bener. Overall, this mall is suitable for narsis anyway, hehe. Recomended to visit for K-Pop'ers :D

One of SNSD team
Super Junior Hand Prints

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