Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good Stuff is not Always Expensive

I used to buy something by it's benefit, not based on their price. It can not be denied , that the price determines quality. If you want to buy a good quality then the price is sooooo expensive. If you want to buy a cheap one, no wonder it's a low quality. But it's not always cheap goods of poor quality.

For example, just for the dress . I used to buy clothes in the area of Senen or Poncol. My father taught me from i was in Junior High School. There's a lots of cute clothes and unique model that i can get with the cheap enough price. The price ranges from 1000 IDR or 5000 IDR. Even when I was in college, there is still a price dress 1000 IDR and 5000 IDR with the condition we should ngaduk-ngaduk lapak tumpukan baju siiih. But not bad idea lah.

You must be good at choosing and hold the stuffy air anyway. The area is less of oxygen and pengap bangeettt serius!

Usually the clothes are imported from Japan, USA or Korea . There's also a reject stuff from the factory because there are less buttons disability, like writing upside down, the other things that I think is not really important, and the conditions are still looks like new and nice. There are also a second hand and much more. Just be a smart picker.

I also introduced Senen Market to my friends at college, and finally got us there for hunting cute dress each month. Tapi ya tetep kereeeeee.

Now I haven't had time to get there again, because the price is already expensive, many people are coming and already Senen Market is being popular. But surprisingly i found out toko yang menjual baju-baju dari Senen saat saya jalan ke Detos! Whoooaaa. I memorized all types of knitted shirts and jackets of Senen. That must be from Senen! I silently scream.

Finally I took one of them, jeans jacket with thick fleece material inside. With a price of only 35,000 IDR sajaaaa. Taste like Senen Market ini sih. Ahhh jadi rindu Senen :")

Jacket Kece ala-ala Senen Market

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