Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Al Qur'an Helplines. Call When....

Helplines. Please call when...
You are sad (At Taubah : 51)
You are depressed (Ar Ra'd : 28)
You are wronged (Yunus : 85)
You are facing hardship (Al Insyirah : 5)
You feel unlucky (Ibrahim : 34)
You feel unappreciated (Al Insan : 22)
You feel like a looser (Yusuf : 87)
You are seeking a peace (Al Maidah : 16)
You want to stay healthy (An Nahl : 69)
You want more privileges in life (Adz Dzariyat : 15-18)
You want a close friend (Qaf : 16)
You have sinned (Zumar : 53)
You want to repent (An Nisa : 110)
You want your parents to go to Heaven (Ibrahim : 41)
You want to die in a good way / Khusnul Khotimah (At Tahrim : 8)
You want to go to Heaven (Al Ashr : 1-3)
Well, all of your problems in life must have a way out. And Al Qur'an is the best way out.
There's nothing in our life is not written in Al Qur'an. When you have a problem, read them.
Call the helplines.
Open the Qur'an.

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