Sunday, June 15, 2014

Watches Out!

This is a proof to the top level of super boredom while attending Amanah Day at KCU Fatmawati. Amanah Day is one of our monthly routine activities organized by my office. Usually held in the evening after office hours. The show was a gathering of employees who are in the Branch Office and Branch Office owned Fatmawati. The meeting was about discussed, shared, and presentation. 

The story behind this photo...when it's already half-way out of the meeting that night and I was super sleepy, wanna go home as soon as possible. Then, I borrowed my friend's watches. I put on those watches in my hand. There are Casio Sheen, Casio Peach, Red Casio, and Guess. Not really important to share but i just have one conclusion....3 from 4 of my friends using Casio, that means we love Casio, yeaaaay! :D *tuh kan gak penting *abaikan

Love Casio

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