Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bali Ratih

The first time I tried this product was when Bali Ratih twitter account were followed me on twitter. They offered special prices for certain packages. They have a body butter products, body mask, hand body lotion, body mist, and many others. I am interested to buy a package with special price. Then I tried to buy the scent of strawberry, chocolate, chamomile, white rose, and apple. I've definitely tried strawberry scent for all product variants.

One set package 4 pcs (body butter, body lotion, body mist and body scrub) 80.000 IDR
If you buy retail, that price should be...
Body Butter (110 ml) 22.000 IDR per piece
Body Lotion (110 ml) 22.000 IDR per piece
Body Mist (60 ml) 23.000 IDR per piece
Body Scrubs (100 gr) 20.000 IDR per piece

I ordered a few packages and asked to be sent to my office. And my package was came, taraaaa

Bali Ratih
So far I love the scent of Bali Ratih because they scent isn't too strong smell (apaaa pula). The price is pretty cheap, and i love it hahahaha. But for me, better to use strawberry body butter from Wardah anyway. For Bali Ratih, i recommended body scrub and hand body lotion especially strawberry scent :D For chocholate body butter i still love Vaseline Choco Lotion, the choco scent was soooooo yummy.

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