Saturday, June 28, 2014

Free Book From Andi F Noya (Kick Andy)

Everyone would know Kick Andy Show.

Kick Andy is a talk show program by Andy F. Noya on Metro TV. This program is similar to Oprah Winfrey Show. This program presents a real-life story of informative, educational and inspiring share. There's so many exciting stories about the lives of people throughout Indonesia. By the host of Kick Andy has super character and unique style. Another thing I really like about this show besides providing a very highly recommended stories, at the end of the show, well Andy would normally distribute books free of charge to viewers at home and in the studio. Kick Andy always handing out free books written by the famous and best seller.

One day, i watched Kick Andy Show at home, and it was about cycling-adventure. Wow. How adventurers to conquer the rugged terrain and vast distances. It's very interesting to see. At the end of the show, iseeeengg...i ran into my phone then i opened Kick Andy's website, registered my name and my comment about the show. Wish I was lucky to get the book for free.

One week later, i got a package from Kick Andy. I can not wait to open it. And.....tadaaaa...I got it! The book name 'Bersepeda Membelah Pegunungan Andes' and also his signature on book cover. Alhamdulillah, rejeki gak kemana. :D

Anyway, this is my first time got free book from television talk show :P Next time i'll try again :D

Here's the book :D

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