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BNI Syariah KCPS JPU Sudirman

Our Team at BNI Syariah KCPS JPU
BNI Syariah KCPS JPU Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat? Too much memories that I have experienced in this office. That's all I wanna say. Just like that? Nggak jadi cerita doooong.... : P

Indeed, too many things going on here. 25th March 2012 just my birthday at the same time I was given a duty assignment to be Customer Service at BNI Syariah KCPS JPU Sudirman in Central Jakarta. No doubt i was on terrible feeling, very shocked. It's so sudden and I don't understand the Customer Service things. Day-to-day i just dealing with tellers things and tomorrow morning, i will be on duty as Customer Service. That makes me cry suddenly in the corner of my office di cabang hahahhaa. Oh men, how come..

But duty is a duty that must be executed. After all the challenges and obstacles I have to face it, for the sake of the development of my career *sotoy berat. So I walk on my life at BNI Syariah KCPS JPU.

I was a bit nervous as Customer Service and serving the customers who are mostly employees of BNI and BNI Syariah Head Office. Customer Service transaction code in our system information is definitelly different from teller transaction code. And finally, I admit it's incredibly hard to be a Customer Service. Oh ya, there's only one Customer Service at KCPS JPU, and the person was me. I was the only one Customer Service at KCPS JPU, so if you're on busy-hectic full of customers, then i should ngabisiiiiin itu semua nasabah :D

The things that i miss this place so much is a duty routinities in a very static but dynamic *apaaaa pulaa. Morning around 5.15 AM, I already walked to the nearest train station from home to go to the office. At 5:20 AM I was already inside the train. The journey is quite short because I was always accompanied by reading books or music player. At 6:10 AM, I usually had to walked from Sudirman station into Kantor Besar BNI. It only took 5 minutes to walked since I have a habit of running fast. At 06.15 AM after giving a greeting to cleaning service and some fellows of BNI who already come, then I've been in the banking hall BNI Syariah KCPS JPU.

It doesn't end there, right after i got to the room, I immediately opened my breakfast box with my super sister (Kakak Fani) who's on duty as Teller-- to breakfast together. She always come early to the office, just like me. We always have breakfast together (unless if we're fasting on Monday or Thursday) and there is always a fight scene breakfast. Surprisingly, we already had our food but somehow we still often rebutan sarapan satu sama lain.

After had breakfast, i used to brushed my teeth and chit chat with kakak fani on the rest room. We also rebutan keran juga, padahal banyak keran di sana buat sikat gigi. Hadeeeeh. We took ablutions (wudhu) and pray Dhuha every morning. If there's much time, we usually read Qur'an then we touch up and get dress with our uniform. Orangeeeeee :D

One more thing that makes me miss this place is....i had a lot of interactions with the BNI Syariah and BNI Head Office staff. There's so much stories to share experiences, diomelin, criticized and to be loved * preeet. If the employee of BNI Syariah was come to KCPS JPU, that should be a group. They came with partner and the other partner. You can say "rombongan" especially the technology division which located in the opposite our building. Kalo udah divisi teknologi berkunjung bisa satu unit dibawa semua, malah unit sebelah juga dibawa. Ramai rasanya.

Lots of ups and downs for the half a year when I was in charge there. At the end I should gave a good-bye because KCPS JPU moved into BNI Syariah Cabang Bendungan Hilir and I returned into Cabang Fatmawati agaaaaain.

Absolutely those moments will not be fotgotten :D

Almost Last Day
Kakak Fani, My sister in crime
Okey, ribut terus.

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