Sunday, June 15, 2014

Modifying Puff Pastry

This is it, puff pastry ala-ala made by me.

This is actually from Puff Pastry Sheets for making a pastry. You cant easily find this stuff at LotteMart Wholesale. This kind of stuff is for pastry things, but you can improved it into a new recipe. For inside ingredient you can modify by your favorite food. You can also put sosis, beef, eggs, chicken fillet, crispy chicken. For the vegetables you can put tomatoes, salada, brocoli, carrots, etc.

How to make this one?
Just as simple as frying an egg. Haha. First of all, you just need to fry this pastry sheets into a low hot oil (intinya sih pakai api yang kecil). Use a little oil and put also a spoon of blueband for savory flavors. After half cooked, remove and drain. Put the complementary ingredients and vegetable to the sheets of pastry. Fold the right and left side while they heat up and attached to one another. You can adding cheese and mayonnaise to taste. Puff pastry ala-ala ready to eat :D

Super Yummy Crepes
Ijin Copy dari Blog Orang, Puff Pastry Sheets

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