Sunday, June 8, 2014

Suddenly Models

These photographs were taken in 2011 when I had very spare time in my new office. Starting from my colleagues who want to open a batik boutique which contains of batik features from various regions. At that time she wanted to create a website that contains her batik products.

Truntum Batik is her brand name. But unfortunately she hasn't had a model that will show on her website. As a result she persuaded me and the other friend to be a impromptu amateur models.

From the preparation to take clothes, choosing the Batik will expossed, preparing photography equipment until take photo, nothing serious. Well, every time when the photographer want to take a photo then my friends give a joke, then it make us laugh. Laughter continued. As a consequenses the result of our photo.....was bloon semuaanyaaaa..aakhhh..

Our photos were capture on the Universitas Indonesia campus, especially next to the car park at Faculty of Law. I don't really remember who's give the idea of ​​climbing the tree for photo session. But somehow i also have a spirit to climb a tree. Dua-duanya dudul.

The second location is in the area of the lake and dock Universitas Indonesia campus. Thanks God, I i wasn't told to nyebur into the lake. The third location is on the central library. Next idea, i don;t know who was ordered me to go climb up on the roof peaks overgrown central library. Only a few minutes taking pictures, we get yelled at a security guard shortly to climb down. just embarrassing.

Anyway, these are our failed photos hahahhaa.

Adegan agak mendingan
Aslinya lagi gangguin semut
Beneran manjat
chibi chibi
abis adegan ini langsung diteriakin satpam

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