Sunday, June 8, 2014

Muhammad Assad

Muhammad Assad. His name is almost similar to my father. Assad comes from the Arabic word which means lion. He is my favorite young character, how come? By the early young age he had inspired a lots of people. He is an entrepreneur, Islamic financial practitioners, international speaker and author of the national bestseller books. Assad had completed the program in Islamic Finance Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar with summa cum-laude predicate and received a full scholarship from the Emir of Qatar. Super duper awesome.

He also shared his success story in the book and become super best seller. His first book, titled Notes From Qatar 1 which taglined Positive, Persistence, Pray. The second book is Notes From Qatar 2 which has tagline Honest, Humble, Helpful. The third Notes From Qatar 3, which my favorite tagline Dream, Do, Deliver. He also made Sedekah Super Story with super inspiring story the power of sharing to the other. And his latest book is 99 Hijab Stories, which share the experience and inspiration 99 successful women in hijab. By the super duper awesome achivement, no wonder i admire him a looooott!

One day, I've signed up his talk show on FX. Actually the talkshow was about hijab and the second speaker was Marshanda. I equally admire her so much. With my full of confident, i sent an email to the notes qatar group email and finally i got a reply from them!! Yippee I permitted to attending Muhammad Assad's talkshow! Wooohooo.

The day.....

When i get into the lobby of FX, i accidentally (oh not accident...that must have been destined by Allah ahahahha) I met with him! We saw each other and I was so speecless. Dont know what to say and what i have to act.

Then with a smile upon his face, he quickly said to me: "The show will be on 9th floor, be there :)"

I must be dreaming, okey don't wake me up! My idol talked to me. hahaha. I quickly had a thousand of butterflies on my tummy *Okeh ini lebay. I wanna scream loudly :D  Throughout the event I actually listened and participated. Aaaah i'm very happy. In the end of talkshow, I asked him to take a picture with me and also asked for a signature in the book belongs to me :D

Muhammad Assad as Mas Botak with Me :D
My friends on the talkshow

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