Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sentosa Island

action sampe mabok
 Sentosa island is one of quite interesting place in Singapore. Sentosa island is intentionally made ​​for the tourists who want to enjoy the other side of Singapore. Many sights and attractions offered in this island. Including the iFly Singapore, Song of the sea, Maritime Museums, Nature Discovery, Resort World Sentosa, Marine Life Park, Tanjong beach, Palawan beach, Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and many more.

But there's no doubt that this area is upper middle recreation areas, where the price of admission and also everything is quite expensive (for me ahahahha).

For those who like challenging and exciting entertainment just like Dunia Fantasi on high class style, then you can go to Universal Studios Singapore. However, the tickets are quite expensive, if i'm not mistaken to remember, the price around 65 USD lah. I just go to Universal Studios Singapore on 2012 and once is enough. If you don't want to get into Universal Studios Singapore then you can take a walk around in front of USS area. There are many interesting spots that you can take a pictures with your friends.

Even more, when many visitors have entered into Universal Studios Singapore, then you can use this opportunity to take a picture in front of the USS globe icon texted Universal Studios. Sepiiii parah, makes you free to take a pictures as much as possible. It selfie time! :D

We Love That Trees!
Yeay It coming! Universal Studios

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